10,000 Year View

Hong Kong Museum of Art Oct 2022 - Oct 2023

Site-specific installation

A 10,000-year view suggests that the work contains no definite form. When I gaze at this vast view of Hong Kong Harbor at the panoramic post card view, the nature beyond us seems disrupted. On the one hand, the view at front of me is the realm of physical and biological properties, with phenomena including light, shadows, shimmering reflection of water, air born dust, pollution and other particles. On the other hand, it is connected to us in many concrete ways: we look, we breathe in and out, we are enveloped in light. We strive to know what a thing is and how it appears. We are trying to narrow the separation between our perceptions and what the things themselves tell us. The discoveries of modern science constantly change the way we think about things and their ontologies, sometimes illusory appearance of a thing does not mean it does not exist. Like the light in this installation, existence is not a matter of black and white. Rather, many spectra of existence happen simultaneously. Just as light travels, this installation cannot be viewed in a solid, permanent state. Its multiplicities, its simulations, its changes, the correlations between visible and invisible temporality, and its radical ambiguity evoke a different reality. In the process of making this work, I hoped that it would show a coming together of the measurable and the immeasurable – a passage in both directions. It is a cognitive journey from our perception.
万年景 – 在任何一个空间中,只要我们窜行其中总有光影的两面。在显现和隐蔽两面我们总能看到显示的一面。 而隐藏面却是潜藏内容的地方。能深入了解的一面。能换一种角度领会的地方。但隐与现是结合体,互换体。它也是一种交替的时空。包括了事件的发生。互换与碰撞正是两极事物交换的形态。它也是一体。 当我们在观察万年景这件作品时,犹如想知道某种未知。就如它的标题所示我一直在时空中寻找。这是能动混乱且时有次序的未知天地场·。也是我们在时空表象上所处的方位。混杂现时和触景的时事交替,个体意识与深测的宇宙有着何种千丝万缕的联系。犹如我们的脑神经,自身能产生与地球类似的磁场。气候对于我们的影响以及我们对于外部世界的扭曲都不会从一而终。 而会返回到我们自身。身临其境就是纠缠。而空间是有隐形的网形成。因果促成条件。网的扭曲同时也是重力趋势的变形和空间的变形。光粒子在其中穿越渗透在网上网下,网的左右四周及网中。 都时刻在产生思维体验可能。 我们尤其想了解事物是如何呈现的。我们尝试着收窄我们的感知和事物的认知距离并留心它自身是如何提示我们的。现代科学的不断发现让我们意识到随之而来的重新思考和更新本体论的认识。有时错觉的浮现并非意味着其背后的不存在。假设如这件场域装置的条件不仅会出自于黑白两种物质,而更是众类物质促成的视谱混杂并存进而形成相互作用。就像时刻运行的光,它不应视作为固态静止的状态。它是聚合众类的,同步的,变动的,临时状态中可视与非可视相关联的,和被由新的界限模糊所激发起完全不同的现实存在。 在创作过程中我希望作品能展示具有可测量与非可测量的双向性。最终观景是一种意识感知的旅程.

I Look for the Sky

Opening Jan 2021, Asian Art Museum

Zheng Chongbin sculpts light and space to shift our perspective of the sky and our place in the ever-changing world.

Art has always been a pathway to this fuzzy world. It's full of probabilities and chance – and so it was, working on this installation. The assembled fragmented pieces were never about fixing the object itself, but rather about the shifting relationship among the fragments, a resonance, a natural chemistry. Culture and nature need to share the same space; society, all living beings, this physical planet, this earth, are interconnected. This is the puzzle, the challenge we face: to create patterns that are cognizant of what we affect and are affected by. We have seen the shift of what we thought we knew to the revelations of an unknown reality. Our space is like an invisible, intertwined mesh – and this intertwining comes with complex interactions among multiple entities.
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