Dimension & Flow

Kyoto 2019
Flow as the  basis for being or becoming emerges naturally from the chaotic and ordered,  en-tropic and emergent interactions of ink in water. I believe that ink and  water can reveal the connection between our living environment and our lived  experience in a way that seeks communication or communion rather than control.  Ink and water are a dynamic intervention that can be either artificial  (affected) or natural (emergent). I prefer to utilize my material’s natural and  emergent qualities to reconsider how existence emerges not from nothingness but  from change. Ink and water mutually  influence each other’s movements; we may say that there is no difference  between subject and object, rather, both, perceiving and being perceived,  controlling and being controlled, changing and being changed are encapsulated  in the same continuum. Such inter-dependent, inter-penetration between  materials and their final realization in form and quality puts painting  squarely in dialog with the new knowledge domains of our era such as chaos and  complexity theory, condensed-matter physics, neuro-phenomenology and ecological-humanism.
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