I Look For the Sky

Opening Jan 2021 - Asian Art Museum
Art has always been a pathway to this fuzzy world. It's full of probabilities and chance – and so it was, working on this installation. The assembled fragmented pieces were never about fixing the object itself, bur rather about the shifting relationship among the fragments, a resonance, a natural chemistry. Culture and nature need to share the same space; society, all living beings, this physical planet, this earth, are interconnected. This is the puzzle, the challenge we face: to create patterns that are cognizant of what we affect and are affected by.We have seen the shift of what we thought we knew to the revelations of an unknown reality. Our pace is like an invisible, intertwined mesh – and this intertwining comes with complex interactions among multiple entities.
“I can't see it. But I know it exists, and I know I'm part of it. I should care about it.” - Timothy Morton
Tim Morton - Key notes 2021 on Zheng Chongbin

I Look for The Sky : San Francisco Asian Art Museum