10,000 Year View

Hong Kong Museum of Art 2022-2023 
To commemorate its 60th anniversary, the Hong Kong Museum of Art (HKMoA) is proud to present one of the celebratory projects A 10,000-Year View, a site-specific art installation by the artist Zheng Chongbin. Inspired by the new spatial perspective and the scenery of the HKMoA, the artist meticulously makes use of light and shade, multimedia images and mixed media to connect the views of Victoria Harbour and the HKMoA interiors from the past, the present to the future by layers of artistic sceneries created, and to juxtapose with the Museum collection on display in harmony. This creates dialogues across time, space, mediums and cultures, curating a world of contrasts at sight, perception and bodily experience.
“I can't see it. But I know it exists, and I know I'm part of it. I should care about it.” - Timothy Morton